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Fitness Tips for Seniors – KATU

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National Trainer for SilverSneakers Sharlyn Green share great tips for seniors. For more information CLICK HERE.

A few of those tips include:

Stay hydrated Dehydration is less noticeable in winter than in hotter weather, but it’s equally as common and important to prevent.

Check the weather Keep in mind the possibility of wind chill and popup snow storms.

Head, feet, hands and ears These are the most important parts of the body to keep warm, since working out centers body heat at the core, leaving extremities vulnerable to frostbite.

Name your own pace Even necessary tasks like walking the dog, shoveling show or taking down holiday lights will keep your heart rate elevated and can help keep older adults fit and able.

Some benefits of keeping workouts outside during the winter:

Sunlight In the winter months, when sunlight is most scarce, it’s a great way to take in small doses of natural light, which boosts mood, vitamin D intake and even the immune system

Cold & flu prevention Just a few minutes outside gives exposure to more germs than staying in and can help prevent bacterial and viral infections, essential for older adults during the peak of cold and flu season

Slow down effects of aging With age, we become less efficient at maintaining body temperature. Fitness training helps slow this down. The more active older adults are, the better they can maintain a comfortable body temp and stay outside.

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