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Jillian Michaels Best Tips For Burning Calories

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Jillian Michaels is a beast. The former Biggest Loser trainer, who gained popularity as the tough-love trainer, shows off her intense workouts on Instagram and her enviable abs speak for themselves. But for someone who’s in as good of shape as Jillian is, you would think she spends half her day in the gym. In reality, she is a proponent of more efficient workouts, which means putting in the work but doing it in less time.

We asked Jillian how to be more efficient in the gym, and it should come as no surprise that she suggested people up the intensity of their workouts. “Intensity is key, but how you generate that intensity is what really matters,” she told POPSUGAR.

To up your fitness game and get in the most efficient workout possible, Jillian suggests incorporating the three following techniques. Burn more calories and spend less time in the gym? Win-win.

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