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Fitness tips by Yasmin Karachiwala

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You surely have an excuse for a little indulgence when someone like celeb fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala endorses red wine for its health benefits. Two glasses, to be precise, if you want no guilt! In a rapid fire round, the pioneer of pilates physical fitness system in India, Yasmin said, “I drink red wine myself, so it is good for health (laughs) but only two glasses.” With over two decades of experience in the fitness industry, the celebrity trainer is known for being the reason behind the sensual and toned bodies of actresses like Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone. 

While in the Pink City to address the spousal members of Entrepreneurs Organisation, the trainer was flooded with questions like what is a better asset, " abs or hips, to which she wittily replied, “It lies in the eyes of the beholder.” Asked whether sex is the best exercise, Yasmin was quick to respond, “It is up to the person, for it depends on how fit one is and how regular is their workout.” 

The first BASI certified Pilates instructor in India, Yasmin also talked about how and what makes Pilates one of the best exercises. “Pilates is basically strength training with stretching. It has a stretch component designed in every exercise. Each stretch uses strength that comes from the core strength of a person instead of the external sources. One needs to spend at least 5-10 minutes to stretch.” 

“Spot reduction does not work and it is important to work the whole body while exercising, not just the problem areas. Furthermore, each person has a unique body with its own set of strengths and restrictions. The workout regimen is discerned on the basis of body composition, goal as well as limitations,” the celeb trainer added. Yasmin’s clientele as well as the trainers have to go through a monthly body composition test that tells exactly the kilos of muscles, water and the body mass index. 

For all celebs that she trains, Yasmin plans a different workout regimen according to their energy levels on each day. “If they are coming from a shoot, I usually give them a fluid workout. If they have been dancing, their workout is Pilates since they need to stretch their bodies. So, everything is kept into consideration while planning their workout,” she said.

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