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Consumer Watch: The nutrition mistake messing-up your diet

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Avoiding calorie bombs isn’t the only thing to keep in mind when you are watching your weight. (KOKH)

Most people tend to under eat a specific nutrient that makes them more likely to trip up on their healthy diets, and it’s not about eating more vegetables necessarily, but protein.

“I tell people roughly like 30g at every single major meal can be a good way to not get hungry throughout the day,” says Greg Farris, MyoBrain founder

There are no magic potions here when it comes to losing weight. Ever heard the phrase, you can’t outrun your diet? Basically– working out is great, but what you eat matters more for weight loss. That doesn’t mean reducing your calories by unsafe amount, but it is important to dodge the calorie bombs, you know, the tasty treats.

“That is not the same for everybody. For some people, it can be doughnuts and ice cream. For other people, it can be their specialty coffee at Starbucks that may have added sugar, or it could be cookies at work, or something like that,” says Farris.

Farris is a nutrition expert and founder of MyoBrain, and he says a magic word for a healthy diet is, protein, as in, make sure you are eating enough of it.

“Protein is the most filling macro nutrient that we have, so if you were to have 200 calories worth of 93/7 beef, 200 calories of rice, or 200 calories of potatoes — the beef would have you the most full,” says Farris.

Eating enough lean protein will mean you stay full for longer, making it easier to say no thanks to the office candy dish. Farris say the average person should eat 30 grams of protein each main meal.

“So, four ounces of chicken, four ounces of beef, four ounces of turkey… is going to have about 25 grams of protein,” says Farris.

That means the lean meat serving should be a little bigger than the palm of your hand, but watch out for hidden fat in even healthy foods like protein bars.

“If you notice that notice the bar that you are having has 11g of fat, the next time that you go to a supermarket and you are looking for a bar to choose, look at the label, and see if you can find one with 4g of fat in it,” recommends Farris.

Eating healthier doesn’t mean being hungry or even all that much less, but it can mean changing the types of foods. To see how nutritious your diet is right now, think of your eating like a financial budget. Write down everything you’ve eaten that week. You’ll find out very quickly what your calorie bombs are, and learn to dodge them.

Free apps like My Fitness Pal can help you keep track of what you eat, and how much protein you’ve had each day.

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