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Crush Your Next Megaformer Workout With These Tips From a Trainer

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What do you and your favorite celebrity have in common? You both love the Megaformer. Fan favorites like Kim Kardashian and Meghan Markle have professed their love for the hybrid combination of strength training, cardio, and Pilates. I spoke with SLT (which stands for strengthen, lengthen, and tone) founder Amanda Freeman about the common mistakes people make on the Megaformer and how to correct them in order to get max results out of their workouts. Keep reading for her top tips to make your next Megaformer workout the best yet.

Slow It Down

“With nearly everything we do in life, ‘the faster, the better’ is our motto. However, that doesn’t apply to movements on the Megaformer,” said Amanda. She encourages her clients to move as slowly as possible throughout each move to maximize the burn they feel and the work that they’re doing. Amanda shared, “When we move slowly, we engage our slow-twitch muscle fibers that lead to longer and leaner muscle development.” Instead of rushing through each movement and trying to do as many repetitions as possible, focus on going slower and deeper into each move.

Keep Your Knees in Check

Lunges are a great move to add tone and definition to your legs, which is why they’re a major part of the SLT programming. Amanda said that she often sees clients perform lunges with too much knee movement — allowing the knee to move forward and past the ankle as they come into a lunge — which puts the knee in a vulnerable position. Whether you’re doing a lunge on the ground or on a Megaformer, it’s important to keep your knee in line with your ankle to prevent injury.

Always Keep Your Core Engaged

The Megaformer workout is a total-body workout but very core-centric. In a typical SLT class, you’ll work everything from your butt to your obliques and all the other muscles you didn’t know existed. Amanda told me that every move requires abdominal engagement, and by doing so, it will aid in stability and balance, help prevent injuries, and ensure you’re getting maximum results.

Image Source: SLT NYC

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